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Reality Tv gets a whole lot cheesier

Hey guys! FH is back and ready to post! Anyway, today’s the day Reality TV Island comes out!

Reality TV Now Available to EVERYONE!
The wait is now over! Reality TV Island is now available to everyone! Join the other contestants in the various challenges to determine who will win all of the fame and glory! Now with an all new game! Grab your hang gliders and get ready for some soaring fun!

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Mitholegy island (See post below) and Reality Tv island (Read this post) is turning awesomer and a little cheesier. I already read the phb guide and video and I think Reality Tv could’ve been longer. Because the island quest is short but you get to play it alot of times.
But you can only earn 100 credits once. Also you can watch Tv as much as you want there. And for the people who bought membership are now going to wait a little super tiny while until mitholegy island is out. Meanwhile for the people who don’t have membership like me, are going to wait a long while for mitholegy island.
So… Friendly hopper out…

Edit: Hey Guys! This is MF here just with a few important annoucements. First, Reality TV Island is finally out! As shown by the post above, except Poptropica is currently down for maintence for too much traffic being occured of the release. Second, We reached 2,000 hits finally! :D Third, Apparently MonkeyTacoz, a blog member of ours pretty much quit nearly everything poptropica related so we won’t be seeing him much anymore :( Last, we reached over 100 comments so far and the 100th comment dedication go to SmallFry12 and also, check out his Club Penguin blog by clicking here That’s all for now ;)


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UHGGg – Wait did I spell that right?

Hey guys Fh here. Sorry for not posting in a while its because spring. You see I’m kind’ve well, adicted to spring. And I don’t think Hades is though, like his anger isues: 


Man! I need to get myself to a gym!

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Yes Hades you do need a new gym. But what could he be pulling? Also you can see he’s using BOTH arms. And whatever he’s pulling it looks like its hurting the bull statue. Anyways heres the latest poll in the creater’s blog: 
What are you TOP 3 favorite islands?
Early Poptropica
Shark Tooth
Time Tangled
24 Carrot
Super Power
Big Nate

You may select multiple answers.

  Show results
Votes so far: 5977
So basicly you can vote on the poll whats your favorite island. Also the creaters realesed Dr. Hare’s evil lair in the store. And don’t forget to play poptropica~~/~instead go outside!
So thats basicly it.
Friendly hopper out..

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Help! – Ok

Hey guys FH here and I think Greek island allows you to go in a dark cave. IF it is greek island, if not will find out.

Help me
I don’t know who allowed access to this cave but this area is obviously unstable and they didn’t even offer me a hardhat. Besides, what is that weird, green thing in the water?

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Master Mime

The only thing master mime forgot was a please.
So now I’m going to wait 60 days until he says a please.
Also what is this island?
It kinda looks like a old broken dragon mouth cave.
And the thing in the water might be a green fish or something.
Also Comment in what that thing is in the picture.
Something tells me this island won’t be any easier than Astro Knights.
Or will it? :)
Also there is polls in the creaters blog vote on them by going there.
So, Friendly hopper out..

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The golden midas touch! And a side ad.

Hey guys Fh here and a new golden post:

Get the Midas Touch!

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With the midas touch you turn golden and turn your friends golden. And it costs: 250 credits. Come here now and the’ll give it to you for 500 credits. Also if you have membership its free!!
I also think its a rip off for 250 credits.
Remmeber last time poptropica had the golden touch?:

You’ve Got The Touch!

Someone is running around turning all the Poptropicans gold! You can turn other Poptropicans into gold if you’ve found the Golden Touch!
Also in poptropica they put a side ad of percy Jackson.
Also they give you a percy jackson card once you login.
Well thats all for today except Tommorow starts the Iowa tests of basic skills.  ._. “Noooo!!!! Itbs tests last a week.”
So for now.
Friendly hopper out..

February 9, 2010 at 6:01 1 comment

Fh here and a shuffleboard?

Hi I’m Friendly hopper. I’m 10 and I will be posting poptropica posts here. Like this new one in poptropica:


Still stuck on this island, I found some people playing a game with small sliding pucks. I don’t think the mime is going to win this one.

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It looks like this will be a new game on Reality Tv island.
Because look at them they are all kind’ve dirty.
I think the main part of the game will be to get in the middle and win.
The good thing is that the creaters posted this because there last Reality Tv post was a while ago.
Also in this picture it looks like Reality Tv is more stuck on the island than going to finish the island.
Well thats the poptropica news of today.
Friendly hopper out..

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