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A Bit Of Help

Hey everyone!!! Silverstar93 in the house! Well anyways, I don’t want to get started with the new stuff going around in Poptropica just yet…I’m here to say that we need a bit of help. So far for today, We got a TON of views just by a little advertising on the PHF, a forum Maroonfire23, told me about. Well anyways, back to the conversation, We’re thinking about having one more author and a graphic person to do our headers. That’s basically all we need right now. As you can see, two authors is a short amount for a good blog like this so yeah we’re hiring. We’re considering about 3 authors and so far, that’s 2, but if it doesn’t work out so well – We’ll still thinknig about 6. And as you can up top, we don’t have such a dazzling header so from everyone in PGB, Anyone will to join or do our header? Not long post for today because I have to get ready and leave to a visit at my aunt’s house so I guess…

From Silverstar93,


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Starting Things Off

Hi Everyone! SilverStar93 here again with now my 2nd post! This blogging thing is really fun and I love it and I like to thank Maroonfire23 for helping me out. Well for this post, I’m gonna start things off for now officially opening this blog. Which now I’m gonna start advertising my blog and share it with the world and also share the pages because I’ve now updated them. Here’s all the Info on all you need to know:

The About Page
The About page is pretty simple. It’s the page where you can find out just a little more about the staff. We’re still looking for one more member and also a person to find us a new header for this cool blog.

The Poptropica FAQ
Have a question to ask? Ask there or find the answer already in the tip of your fingertips =D

The Cool Stuff Page
In the Cool Stuff page, Find links to some awesome cool places over the blog. In this category, you can also find these:

Cheats For Poptropica
Find the Cheats you need here! Who knows what you’ll find…
List of Poptropican Names
A whole list of all names collected from Poptropica itself. Is yours there?
Poptropican Font
Download the poptropican font to customize and add text to your poptropican related images!
If you want to download it to your Microsoft Word, this guide might help: Clickie Here!

Island Guides
Find the guides and the help you need right here! Click here to go to Shark Tooth Island’s and Click here to go to Early Poptropica’s. More coming soon!

Drawings and Graphics
Have any drawings, graphics, or comics to share? Share them here!

Poptropica Blogs Directory
Need more views? Share your blog here or view others!
Staff Only
Staff Only! Shhh!!!
Talk, Talk, and Talk!
Need any assistance with anything? Come here to share your ideas, comments, suggestions or questions about the site.

Well that’s all for now! More pages coming soon! I hope you enjoy these pages and make sure to visit or comment on them!

See You Later,

November 29, 2009 at 6:01 2 comments

Hey Everyone! MF Here!

Hello Everyone! I’m Maroonfire23 and I’m your new author here! YAYZ! Anyways, to start something off. Let me tell you a bit about myself. You see, SilverStar93 here is actually one of my real life friends and she plays Poptropica and love it as much as I do so I’ve suggested to her to start a blog about it and she thought it was cool so I introduced her to blogging and so now I’m starting to help her out with these sort of stuff. So far, she’s done her first post so I’d like to Congratulate Her so far so…yeah…

A few stuff about me is that I’m 10 nearly 11. My birthday’s December 5th. My favorite color is Green, Black, Gray, and White (and Maybe Blue…). My favorite food is Steak especially the way my mom prepares it. I love all sorts of music. I play the Piano. I live in New York. My favorite Multi-player games in Poptropica is Soupwords, Paint War, and Hoops and I think…that’s all. Oh, and my Poptropican’s name is Maroon Fire and this is her Pic:

Well I guess that’s all so…
Farewells from MaroonFire23!

November 28, 2009 at 6:01 2 comments

Welcome All To The Poptropican Guides Blog!

Hey Everyone! I’m SilverStar93 and This is my new opening blog called the Poptropican Guides Blog also known as the PGB for short. I wanted to learn how to blog so I started my first blog which is this to show my writing talent and since that I do love to write stuff. So to start this post, I’ll introduce myself to you.

My real name’s Tiffany and I love to write as said before. I live in the New York and I’m 11 in 6th Grade. My birthday’s July 12th and I love to play Poptropica (It’s one of my favorite virtual worlds!) helping other people with all sorts of stuff, and chatting. My favorite multiplayer games in Poptropica is Soupwords, Hoops, or Paint War and my poptropican’s name is Prickly Flame (P.F. for Short). I love to write (As said before) and I hope to be a writer someday. If not, A web designer or a graphic artist (Although I’m still learning.) Here’s a picture of my poptropican if you wanna see:


Well that’s all for now so I guess…
Cya! From SilverStar93

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