Reality TV Island Guide

1. Go to Reality TV Island on your Poptropica Blimp to the bottom right corner of the Poptropica Map. Once you arrive on the Poptropica blimp, Proceed to your left to a store named Mike’s Market. Going inside, Proceed to your right and you’ll find a man reading a magazine. Click him and he’ll say he has to go before he misses a episode of RTV and drop his blue magazine. After he leaves, Walk through the magazine to obtain it and then leave the market.

2. Proceed to your right and go to a place named “TV World” Go all the way up to this large TV and click on it to change channels. It will show RTV’s address and your character will then repeat it to show he/she remembers it. Now go to ‘Wayside Motel’ which is are those rooms located all the way to your left. Go inside the Motel Office and continue all the way to your right until you see a jar of pens. Click the jar to obtain a pen.

3. Now click the phone next to pens and enter 555-7383 and click call. It’ll tell you what pizza you want to order and your poptropican will answer automatically, then it will ask for room number and when it asks for the room number, Select “Room 4B” NOT Room 6B. Then when it says “We’ll send someone right away to deliver your pizza”, Go outside the motel.

4. A pizza girl will be standing out with the pizza delivery. Click her and when she says she has a show to watch home and wants help finding the room, take the pizza and go to room 4B which he room on the top floor to the last on the left. Click the door to knock it for the pizza delivery and the door will open. While the door opens, Go inside.

5. Go to the last room at the end and Bucky, A RTV player who later got voted off, will be there. Click him to give him his pizza and click him again for the last option to receive a stamp. Leave the Motel and proceed all the way to your left by a mailbox. Go to your inventory and use the stamp to attach it to the application for getting into RTV. Then fill in the application by typing what you think RTV has, or basically anything you want to.

6. Click the mailbox to give it in and after that…The next day, You’ve won RTV! After that, Proceed up on top of the Motel and the helicopter for you to experience and play RTV for real will be there. Complete challenges throughout this season and prevent yourself from getting voted off. If you do get voted off, You’ll have to try again. If you win the season, You get 100 credits afterwards and you can replay seasons anytime you want.

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