Early Poptropica Island Guide

Early Poptropica Island Guide
By SilverStar93

1. Go to Early Poptropica Island with your blimp. Once you are there, go all the way to the right where it leads you to the real Early Poptropica and out of the Main Street. You will see a certain Well with a rope attached. Click ”Enter” and go below and down the well. Jump and move around to Top Left of the whole area underground. You will find a green glow stick.

2. After finding the glow stick, come out of the Underground Cave and keep going all the way back to your left to the Main Street and go in the hole in the ground which is located between the Pop Museum and the Soda Pop Shop and by the Fire Hydrant. Below, you’ll find that you’re in a dark another underground cave. Fall to the bottom floor and avoid the huge green spider there by jumping over it. By going to the right, you’ll find a pig and run over it to retrieve this thing called the ”Prized Porker”.

A Dark Tunnel....Spooky

3. Now to go the opposite side to your left and you’ll find an entrance to a dark tunnel. The Glow Stick you found earlier will lead you some light to find a thing called the ”Golden Egg” which later on a Giant will need. After traveling around, you’ll soon find the golden egg and by running over it, it will then appear in your inventory. Then go all the way up to the top last floor to escape out of the cave and into another street called the ”Tall Towers”. Go to very left and find a purple building. It will be hard to jump to it so therefore you’ll have to jump to tower to tower to be able to get there. After you’ve reached the purple building. Keep jumping up until you see a vine. Click on the vine where it says ”Enter” to go up in the skies. Next thing you’ll do is find a giant. Click on the Giant and he will say ,”Because you have me what that which I need, I lift my club and you may proceed” and therefore you do and proceed to the right.

4. Jump over the giant vegetables and vines to get to ther side and after reaching the end, you’ll find a water bucket. Run past it to retrieve it. Then continue keep going to your right. Fly over the fans from the crashed airplane and rocket ship. After reaching the end, you’ll find a jet pack.

Cool! A Jet pack!

5. Come back to where the vegetables were. Fly under the vines with your jet pack until you find a Exit sign. Below where you land, you’ll soon find a flag on the Poptropican Water Tower. Run or Fly through the flag to retrieve. Congratz! Now you have retrieved the final 3rd item and you’re one step closer to winning the island.

6. Give and send all the people who thought their stuff was stole back to them. The pig belongs by the person by the pig pen. Then talk to the person by the well to give back the water bucket. Lastly, climb the rope that’s on the right and talk to the person next to the flagpole. You will give him the flag.

7. Now go to the right of the dock, and a boat should appear. Talk to the person on the boat. He will then give you the Early Poptropica medallion and you will also receive 100 credits for winning the island!

Congratulations, you have just won Early Poptropica Island! Hope this guide helped! Have any questions? Comment here!

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