24 Carrot Island Guide

1. Take your blimp to 24 Carrot Island. Start by going to your left where there’s a street sign pointing to the ”Carrot Farm”. As you go to your left, there’s a farmer, a closed down house, and some carrots disappearing in the ground. Apparently, the problem of this island is to find out what” going on with the carrots and why they keep disappearing. To start the island off, Go to the Closed Down Farm House and climb on into the roof where the chimney is. To find the chimney, you’ll notice some mysterious footprints leading to there. As you continue to your right, you’ll find a empty bowl. Run over it to retrieve it and pick it up for your inventory.

2. After that step is completed, exit out back the house by going to the chimney you came from again. Then proceed to your right to where main street is. Continue to your right until you see a place called the ”Carrot King Diner” located between the cinema Multiplayer room and the Mayor who cried. There’s a woman there with blond puffy hair with a pink headband tied on to it and is holding a jar of milk with a apron. Click her and ask the following question, “Can you fill this bowl with milk?” Then she’ll say,”Sure!” and turn your Empty Bowl into a Bowl of Milk. Now Proceed to the Carrot farm again.

3. Now go back to the house through the chimney again. Your poptropican will then automatically place the Bowl of Milk on to the floor. Now proceed to your right and then climb up to the 2nd floor. Go to the Bathroom and click the knobs for hot water or the cold water on the bathtub. A Light-brownish cat will come out and your job is to jump around and make the cat fall and go to the first floor to drink the milk. After you have and the cat drank the milk, he’ll begin to follow you.

4.Now come out of the house once again. Lead the cat to the right where you arrive at Main Street once more.
Lead the cat to the place between the Cinema Multiplayer Room and the Gas Station, the place called ”Charlie’s, Carrot Supplies Co.” Click the woman with the tannish apron and click the option, ”I found your cat!”. She’ll then be very proud and then give you a Crowbar from her store. Then proceed to your right to your right to where a street sign is pointing to a place called, ”Factory”. Climb upon the roof all the way to your top right until you find a blueprint stuck on the wooden-covered and closed window. Run over it to retrieve it. You’ll then find a ”Vent Blueprint”.

5. Now proceed to your right and fall down, Yes, Fall down – to the place where you see green water and huge cans with a skull on it. You’ll see a huge pipe. Click the metal part covering it to use your crowbar to open it. Run to your left now. You’ll run over an object called the Carrot Transporter to help you transport out the factory when you need to leave the island. Run over the red objects that comes up and down. When it comes up, quickly run for it. When it comes down, be sure you avoid that from falling down and trying all over again.
Go up once more, and avoid the rat. Finally passing that, proceed up to the inside of the factory.

To be completed…

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