Shark Tooth Island Guide

Shark Tooth Island Guide
By Silverstar93

1. Go to Shark Tooth Island in Poptropica with your blimp. Continue walking to the right to obtain a shark fin by a man wearing a shark T-shirt and a man with a Pink Flower Lei and an ukulele (A sort of Guitar) which will give you a Carbonated Coconut Milk. Now to go to the area called the ”Ancient Ruins” by keep going to your right. There should be a block in your way. Instead of jumping over it, Push it. In fact, Push it in front of the huge coconut tree. Jump up the block and climb up the vine as seen. Make sure you are beware of the large coconuts falling from the tree. Once you are at the top, jump to your right far to the small platform or the roof of the Ancient Cave. Walk left until you pick up something called a “Translation Key”.

2. Then jump off the top of the building and enter inside the ancient cave. Now fall to the dead bottom of the building. You should be now floating in some sort of greenish water. Now continue by swimming to the left, and keep going until you reach a wall. Now jump on the platforms so that you are on the top left corner of the inside of the building. (Make sure you avoid the bats. They will keep you off if get hit)

Ooohhh...A Cave...

3. After you have reached there, there’s a greenish face sort of thing you have to click. After it opens, as you can see, there’s symbols on its teeth. Using your translation key that you found, click on the symbols that spell the word “OPEN”. Click the upside-down triangle on the top, and the eyes should glow green. If it turns red, that means you must have had an incorrect spelling or wrong word. Move to the left, and fall to the bottom again. Swim to the left, until you see a type of golden shark statue with a big dangerous green caterpillar climbing it.

4. Now get to the top of the statue to get around it and jump on the moving platform that is swinging left to right. Make sure you avoid the caterpillar and go when you are ready. Jump to the left when the platform moves left. You should be on another platform. Jump to another platform on the left again. Now jump down to the left, where there are pointy white things are on the sides. Fall back down, and there should be a pile of bones to the left of you. Run past to your left, and pick up an object called an “Old Bone”. Now go to the right, and repeat on jumping through our the platforms but instead of jumping down to the pointy things, wait for the moving platform to come to you that goes left to right and finally when it does come, then go on it. When it goes to the left where there is a passage, jump off it and go into the passage.

The Golden Shark....Ooh...

5. Jump to the bottom, and walk to the left and pick up the an object with happens to be called the Key Ingredient” (A golden jar that holds green stuff) Now climb up the vine on the left and go up. You should now be right back to and on Main Street. Now keep continue to the right until you are at a certain place called the “Booga Bay” which is right past the Ancient Ruins. Talk to the man in front of a cart of grass skirts. He will give you a grass skirt. Go to the left once more, until you are at Ancient Ruins again. Push the block again and climb once more on the vine but instead this time you jump up on the platforms and climb vines until you are at the top platform where there is a man with a weirdest blue mask. He will only talk to you if you knows you are a native on Shark Tooth island and therefore you’ll have to put on your grass skirt and the shark fin to talk to him. He will then take your ingredients needed and he will make a thing called a Calming Potion for you with the three ingredients (Milk, Bone, and the Key Ingredient).

6. Go back down and arrive on Booga Bay again one last time. Now go past the place with the boxes in the water to the right until you see a type of cannon and a fisherman by it. Click the wheel that’s to the right of the cannon. Now click your mouse anywhere in the game screen and the shark should eat the calm potion in a coconut with the potion in it. Then click “Back”.

7. Now after you are done with that. Jump in the water and the shark should be happily sleeping underneath you in the water. Now swim to the right, and you should be on a another type of island. Talk to the man with a beard. The two Poptropicans (The man with the beard and a fellow boy) should be following you to the main island now. Go to the left, and back to Booga Bay. A lady dressed in purple will then say Thank You and will stop crying and the man with the beard should give you the Shark Tooth Island Medallion and 100 credits.

Congratz! You have now completed Shark Tooth Island!

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