Poptropica FAQ

Need of any information or have any questions? Well come on down to here to find all the information you need for Poptropica! Please notice that most of questions and answers here are all listed from here.

Photobucket What is Poptropica?
Photobucket Poptropica is a virtual online world in which kids can travel, play games, customize their character, compete in head-to-head competition, and communicate safely with each other.

Photobucket Who created Poptropica?
Photobucket Poptropica was created by Family Education Network, a division of Pearson.

Photobucket When did Poptropica.com go online?
Photobucket The official launch of Poptropica was September, 2007.

Photobucket I created a cool character, but how can I save my game?
Photobucket To save your game, click on the “Save” button in the bottom right corner. Then, create a username and password. After that, you will need to click the “Save and Quit” button to save your current progress. If you exit Poptropica and you want to continue playing your saved game, just click on the “Returning Player” button, then enter your username and password.

Photobucket I lost my user name / password how can I retrieve it?
Photobucket Unfortunately, if you have lost your username or password, there is no way to retrieve it. We do not keep any private information about our users. We recommend you print out or write your username and password down on a piece of paper and keep it someplace safe!

Photobucket How can I travel to a new island?
Photobucket To move from island to island you need to find the Poptropica blimp. On Early Poptropica Island, the blimp is located between the Pop Art Museum and the Soda Pop Shop. Simply climb the rope to enter the blimp, and the Poptropica map will pop-up. Click on the island you want to visit, and the blimp will take you there.

Photobucket One of the cards in my inventory won’t work on every island. Why is that?
Photobucket Some items and abilities are only accessible on certain islands. If your character has gained a jetpack and can fly, the jetpack may only be usable on the island it was retrieved.

Photobucket I saved my game a long time ago. I still have the username and password, but when I tried it, it wasn’t available. Where did it go?
Photobucket If you keep returning to your saved game, your character and items will always be available. If you don’t return for 6 months, it will be removed from Poptropica.

Photobucket How do I use the Costumizer tool?
Photobucket The Costumizer tool allows you to customize your outfit by copying clothes and accessories from other characters. Simply click on the shirt icon in the top right corner, then click on the character you want to copy from.

Photobucket How do I get free Poptropica credits?
Photobucket You earn 100 free credits for each island you solve, so start playing!

Photobucket How can I buy Poptropica credits?
Photobucket You can buy Poptropica credits by clicking here.

Photobucket How Do I Get an Early Access Pass?
Photobucket Visit the Poptropica store to buy an Early Access pass for 500 credits. Log in to Poptropica, click on the “Star” icon at the top of the screen, then click on the “Store” tab at the top of the page. You’ll find the Early Access pass in the “Cool Stuff” section.

Photobucket Why was I was notified that credits have been removed from my account?
Photobucket This can happen if someone purchased credits for you and there was a problem with their credit card or they cancelled the payment because they did not recognize the purchase on their credit card bill. You should ask the person buying credits for you if there was a problem with their purchase. Poptropica purchases look like this on credit card statements: “AWL*Poptropica.com”. In order to get credits returned to your account you will need to have an adult purchase you credits.

Photobucket What if I have a question on a credit purchase made with my mobile phone?
Photobucket Please contact Zong, our third party mobile payment provider. U.S. customers can call 888-722-8035 or email support.usa@zong.com. If you live outside the United States, please visit http://zong.com/zong/send.

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