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Cheesy and Touching

Diary of a Wimpy Kid struck Poptropica bringing along a sidebar ad and an advertisement building sponsering their new movie inspired by the book in theaters March 19th. They also brought another thing with them..THE CHEESE TOUCH! :)

If you enter the building and talk to this man with a yellow Greg Heffley shirt, he will tell you that there’s a game going on in the gym( located at the top right) at the moment.

And if you enter the gym, instructions will appear telling you that you just participated in a game involving the Cheese Touch similiar to the playground game Tag.

You have to run away from the person who has the Cheese Touch ( the poptropican covered in green ), and try not to contain it for more than 15 seconds.

As an award, you get a Cheese Touch to bring along with you to use on anyone else in Poptropica.(:



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:)Fish Nuggets, anyone?

A Meal Fit for a God

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Today on my adventures I was especially hungry so I searched high and low for a bite to eat. Luckily for me this new island had a great eating establishment. Is that fish I see?!

NOTE : Exploring Mythology Island might increase an appetite(**cough* to Comic Kid atleast.. *cough**)! :)


February 18, 2010 at 6:01 3 comments

Hiya there!

Hiya there, I’m Monkey! I fudgin’ love drawing, graphic-designing, video games, and Poptropica! For a 10 year-old, I’m actually pretty good at all of them! I’m really good with grammar, although I am human, I have to make a mistake every once in a while, huh? :) Oh wells, nice to meet you all! :)


You guys know how every PCB author is from an island, right? Well, say hello to Hades and an upcoming island….but mostly Hades! :D Congrats, Dude! Here was his first post talking about his personality and journey though an unknown island of some sort – possibly Greek-ish?


I decided to rise from the Underworld and see how the new island is coming along. Not quite as cool as where I’m from, but it should be fine for you living, breathing *gag* mortals.
Animadverto vos nunc ;)



Congratulations, Hades!  The PGB will be looking forward to alot more updates from you this year! :)

January 1, 2010 at 6:01 2 comments

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