Haunted House Island Guide

Need to win Haunted House? Need a bit of help? No problem. Here are your instructions.

1. Click the first icon (which is the star icon) in the main bar that’s in the top right corner. CAfter it loads, Click “Store” to buy the Haunted house Island (Don’t worry, it’s free :P ) After buying it, Go to your backpack. Close the store menu and click the backpack icon that’s next to the star icon. Browse the list until you find “Purchased Items”. Click that and find the Haunted House Card and Click “Visit” To Haunted house island.

2. Finally you are in Haunted House island. Now the first thing you must do is proceed walking to your left. You’ll find the bat with a gold key in it’s feet (or hands, however you call it). As soon as you find it, it’ll try flying away from you. Just start by taking the time to slowing catch the bat. What I did was stay on the top of the mansion until the bat flies by but hopefully you’ll find a easier strategy.

3. After catching the bat, Go down and walk (or run, whatever works for you :P) and go all the way to your right (again) where the bat was earlier on. There is a vault or a place which you are allowed to go to after finding the key. Click “Enter” and wait to be lead inside.

4. Basically in haunted house island, You have a task to find these few items. The first item you can find the quickest is the bottle of poison like thingy. Since I really have no idea what the heck it is, It’s basically this red bottle with a skull on it. When you walk to your right and find these floating pipes, Connect the together so that they give energy to the Boiler. After the boiler is running, jump on top of it and try making the air push you up to this top shelf – That’s where you’ll find the red bottle.

5. The next quickest item is pretty simple to get, without solving. Proceed to your left and go through this door upstairs. Then walk all the way to your left and go upstairs where you start seeing pictures looking at you. Keep going until you find these knights set up. Find the 2nd to the right and jump/stand on his head to drop his Pointy Sharp-like knife thingy (Forgot what it was called) after getting that, you’ll find your 2nd object.

6. No go up the stairs once again and go to another room that will be in your right. There will be two clocks, underneath a portrait and on top of a fireplace. Click them and move your cursor around to make sure you can make both clocks strike 12 PM (midnight) at the same time. The further you go to your right or left will depend on what clock goes faster and what clock goes slower. After you finish that, you’ll receive a lantern.

7. Now go to your right and go to the room across from you in the same floor, above the stairs. You’ll find this purple spider on the floor. Click it. After clicking it, the spider will crawl down to the portrait that was beneath it (which is a witch) and make her drop her broom. Therefore you now take your broom and fly to the highest floor. Now you may not know but to get to the highest floor, you go to the room where you found the spider and fly to the right top corner to this another room. Now proceed to your left, you’ll find this treasure chest. Click it and a puzzle will appear up. The puzzle will shuffle, making the pieces turn a few times. If you’re good at puzzles, Chances are you’ll be good at this. After finishing this, A cup will float up. Catch it, and you’ll get your 4th item.

8. One requirement you’ll also need which is simple is Ice. Go back to the first floor and go to the Kitchen. when you find a refrigerator, Click the top cabinet where the freezer is and click it. Your poptropican will go, “This Ice Pick will do the job” And you’ll receive Ice for your cup.

9. Last thing you need is light for your lantern. Go back to the basement, where you first got that red bottle. Remember the time when you came in by those stairs? Go back to those stairs where spiders are click the Kerosene. Your lantern will automatically light up.

10. Go back upstairs to the first floor where you are out of the basement and now into the kitchen once again. This time, proceed to your right. You’ll find this ghost cat. Click on it and it’ll say, “Bring the treasures to where the Cherub cries”. Go back outside the mansion. Remember when you first came in and there was a creepy graveyard? Proceed to the basement back outside and go there until you find a hole in the ground. Go there and you’ll be in this dark place. As soon as you move, there will be a goblin that says, “We was waiting for you” and shows you around the area with a huge bash and a party. Then the goblin afterwards give you 50 Credits and you are…Done. Yup, Done. Now wasn’t that easy? Congratulations, you have now won Haunted House Island =D

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