PoPtRoPiCa Wallpapers!

Find the coolest Wallpapers Here! Whether or not they’re created by Users and viewers just like you or made by the creators themselves, Find the coolest selections of Wallpapers right Here! Have on of your own Poptropica Wallpaper, Be sure to submit it here with a link to where it leads! We can’t wait till you see what we’ve got so far!

How to Add A Wallpaper:
Click any of the wallpaper you like below that you like. Clicking them will lead it to a much larger version of it. Now continuing to the next step, Right-click on the image and choose the option “Save As”. A Pop-up will appear up o what you want to name the file and where you wanna place it. Name your file and place where you wanna save your file. Please be sure to remember where you have placed your file. Now, Depending on what computer system you have, There will always be the option of a control panel and a search option. Go to the Control Panel of your computer and Search the option of customizing and personalizing your desktop. After finding what you need, Go there and click “Browse” to find and choose the file form your computer. After that, Click “Apply” and your wallaper will appear. Remember that this is not permament and that you can change it anytime.

Present Winter Wallpaper by the Creators of Poptropica

Poptropica Original Wallpaper by the Creators of Poptropica

Shark Tooth Wallpaper by the Creators of Poptropica

Moon Scene WallPaper By the Creators

Holiday Wallpaper by the Creators

Earth Day Wallpaper by the Creators

Dr.Hare Wallpaper by Motionman95/Coderkid

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