Magic is in the air :D

February 23, 2010 at 6:01 Leave a comment

There are these spectacular New outfits in Poptropica and when I mean spectacular, I mean Spectacular Spectacular! :D Haha, so anyways, this outfit happens to be a magician outfit. Available for both girls and boys, Here are the previews:

It’s 75 credits, obviously same as all outfits, not unless you have membership – they’re all available for free for that limited time. And do you see that second outfit? The boy version to the right o_o Do you see what I see?! BEARDS! and MOUSTACHES! AND LOOK, SIDEBURNS! xD Finally the creators add a little grown-up piece to the outfits, I suppose. And if you click the spacebar, There are 3 Actions: Bubbles, Rabbit, and fFlowers.

Well that’s it or today so…
Ending this post, The Fire that is Marooooooooooon. :D

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Help! – Ok Reality TV Now Online! (Not really :P)

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