The longest post of Poptropica Updates in the History of PGB Updates

February 1, 2010 at 6:01 Leave a comment

…Aaaaaaaaaand possibly the longest title too. Heh heh, Anyways – You all know who it is. It says it up there ^ or otherwise known as MF (Maroonfire23) or GB (Goldenbutterfly) :P. So um anyways, Checked out this post lately? It’s about how Poptropica was recently down just yesterday. Seems like Poptropica made a HUGE Improvement to their webpage. And I’m serious at the word ‘HUGE’. Check it out it quickly here. So what’s exactly on this new webpage of Poptropica? Haha, Look up the list here:

Poptropica Membership
They finally added the Poptropica Membership option thingy ma-jiggy so we can now can now have membership in Poptropica for Forever or a limited time only for a average amount of cash. Speaking of this, They added a link to it and even a tour on what cool stuff you can get with it + a post about it on the Poptropica Creator’s blog:

Monday, February 1, 2010
Poptropica Membership – NOW ONLINE!

By the Only and Only Binary Bard

Strange how he didn’t place those “01010110” Binary Codes things anymore. I really never even knew what they meant so better find and use those online translating thingy :P Next we have…

New Island Notice
OK, So this isn’t so much of a new thing. They probably just got a little creative and stuff and changed the name of that around but we all know what that is, and if you don’t know, the title of it pretty much explains it.

Reality TV: Coming Soon!
Haha, Wait, Is that what I THINK it is? O_O … No wait, It’s real. Wait, ITS REAL! LOOK! Reality TV Island is actually coming back! OMG YES! This is so cool, Hopefully the creators are definetly starting to get a good work around there.
Find the information you need about it, right here

Free Credits
As soon as I saw this, You SO could’ve told my expression. FREE CREDITS!?!?! YESSSS! THANK YOU CREATORS! Uh, I mean, Yay! Sorry to get hysterical there. Creators has done an EXCELLENT Job done.
when you click on it, It’s takes you to the FAQ list
Which has also been updated. But earning free credits is not so much. Basically, You can earn free credits by…

— 25 credits for saving your game for the first time
— 50 credits for each mini-quest
— 100 credits for each island

Aah, Oh well – Good enough, I guess, sort of. :P
Finally the last thing on the list of updates:

For Parents
Well, I mean, this is not for parents but you, well I mean it’s a update called “For parents” and um yeah, you get the point, Sort of :P Basically, there are two clickable options for this one. The More Information section to mention a just a tiny more bit of Poptropica to Parents so they can know how they are and what it is and the Manage your account account specifically for parents to manage account info and more.

Ahh, Don’t want to make you keep reading but that’s pretty much it for now. Alot isn’t it? I wonder if there’s a chance I can beat the record but then I’ll have to change the title and I’m pretty much lazy to ever fix them. Plus, I have to work on these essays and uh-oh, I’m procastrinating again! I probably wasted like 20 minutes or something making this post so I gotta go,

Thanks for reading!
MF/GB =)

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Poptropica…Down? Reality TV Island TRAILER! + A New Ad :P

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