The Adz are Back!

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Hey Everyone! Silverstar93 posting. There are some awesome new ads on Poptropica. Credit to Green Seal from the Poptropica Help Forums on mentioning this. First, there’s The Spy Next Door Ad with is based on the movie becoming released in Theaters January 15th, 2010. It’s a Ad just for 6-11 years old and you can find on the islands of Shark Tooth, Early Poptropica, Time Tangled, Big Nate, Nabooti, and Astro Knights. That’s a lot of islands! While there’s another Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs Ad for also 6-11 years old that can be found in 24 Carrot, Super Power, and Spy with is just based on the movie being released for DVD, Blu Ray, and for the PSP on also the January 5th, 2010. Need Help with a Ad? Find your help here in these video guides and also find out what you win too :D

The Spy Next Door Ad Video Guide:

After winning this guide, You’ll receive two prizes. A ”’Flame Thrower Wand” (Which is a handheld object that allows you an action to make flames to the sky) and A ”Super Secret Video File” (Which is a sneak peek of the upcoming movie)

CWACOM Ad Video Guide:

After winning this guide, you’ll receive a Spagetti outfit and a Super Cone Outfit. That’s pretty much all. Oh wait, I forgot. A really genorous poptropican named Metsfan21 gave us a domain name so we now have our own link. It’s
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, And Thank you so much Metsfan21! You’ve done alot for us! Thanks again.

Ending this post – Silverstar93 :)

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