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December 24, 2009 at 6:01 9 comments

Hi Everyone! It’s Silverstar93 posting here. I sort of got busy around this week so I wasn’t able to post much around this time so I’m trying to catch up and pretty much got the hang of things. Luckily, I have some good authors to help me out…Well ”author” not ”authorS” actually. Still looking for some more authors to join into our blog. Anyways, since this blog is doing sort of great – I’m thinking about starting a simple contest to spice things up around here. It’ll be a Best Dressed Contest themed into a couple of categories. So anyways, if you’re interested in joining, Here’s a little bit just about the contest.

Contest Name: The Best Dressed Contest
Description: Have a Poptropican? With a really awesome outfit? Why not enter it…Here? Yes, here. Why? Because we’re throwing out a special contest called the ”Best Dressed Contest”. Join today and win a special prize! Read more for more info.
Instructions: First, choose the category listed below of your choice. Second, Have your Poptropican wear the costume you prefered. Third, Do to the avatar studio and do what is needed to share your link with us OR you may take a screenshot of your poptropican if necessary (unless you don’t know how to take a screenshot or you’re positive you won’t lose your outfit for the contest in your account).
Prize: Here comes the best part: 1st place winner earns an account with about 500 credits. 2nd place winner – 400 credits. 3rd place winner – 350 credits.
Categories: Choose from any of the ones below:
~Christmas Charmed – Wear any dazzling outfit with some Christmas spirit of either the colors of white, light blue, red, or green.
~Staged Strucked – Wear the outfit of a choice that brings rock into a whole another generation.
~Creepy Crawlin – Wear any combination of your choice into a whole another version of weirdness and awesomeness that brings a new style into town.
~Colorful Surpises – Make your poptropican look bright and colorful by adding the most colors to your outfit and even make it look nice even to notice how different you’re around.
Due Date: January 3rd, 2010

That’s all for now around with our contests. Interested in joining? Post a comment here with the info needed (as so said in the instructions column). And if you can, don’t forget to help advertise our contest for more fun and more competition! Signing off and wishing you all a…

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Welcome to Counterfeit Island :D The Adz are Back!

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